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Congratulations! You've just located the finest snow removal service in the South Lake Tahoe area.
Our snow removal equipment is modern, efficient and environmentally friendly. Our staff is thorough, quick and courteous. Our routes are small, geographically organized and well managed. The difference between "us" and the "guy with the plow" down the street is simple -- we show up every time, we get the job done no matter what, and we are honestly passionate about satisfying our customers! You can now relax and leave all the work to us!

Professional Staff
Meticulously Trained & Limited Route Size
Our staff is meticulously trained and the number of clients for each route is kept to a minimum to ensure continued professional service.
Environmentally Friendly Equipment
Snow Removal Specific Equipment and Terrain Friendly
All of our equipment is specifically geared for snow removal. We currently do not use heavy equipment such as loaders and backhoes which can damage surface areas.
Serving South Lake Tahoe Area
Serving Nevada and California
We currently serve Skyland, Zephyr Cove, Stateline and South Lake Tahoe.