Service Area & Routes

All Clean Snow Removal has implemented several snow removal routes geographically positioned throughout Lake Tahoe's South Shore area. Our service blankets the entire area from Skyland to Al Tahoe Blvd straddling both Nevada and California. Each driver has a set number of accounts strategically placed close to one another to streamline job completion times. Furthermore, each route overlaps adjoining routes so that every driver is able to cover other drivers who are having temporary mechanical or weather issues.

Any emergency calls or new customer price quotes are handled directly by a dispatcher who is also a "hands on" plow driver. In other words, the dispatcher can physically handle the call if all other drivers are engaged. Calls will most likely be dispatched to the driver in your area, however, in order to expedite service. This system has been engaged with the "new efficiencies" since the 2023/2024 snow removal season and has been very effective. In most cases, fairly immediate service can be provided to all regular and future customers. We take pride in fast, reliable and quality service! The difference between us and the other guys is that we are systematic, reliable and we are honestly passionate about doing a fantastic job!